Submitting complaint

Dear All,

The company FIBRIS S.A. wants to make sure that our products meet the declared quality and your expectations. If you receive a product of inadequate quality, please follow the instructions below. This procedure will greatly facilitate the quick and efficient processing of your complaint.

To submit a complaint you need:

1. Send to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. complaint notification containing:

• description of the defect
• purchase document (invoice)
• the label of the pallet of the goods being advertised

2. Deadline for submitting a complaint:

• 3 days from the moment of acceptance of the goods at the customer's in the case of a quantitative complaint, mechanical damage to the product and visible quality defects
• 30 days from the moment of acceptance of the goods at the customer's in the case of quality complaints, physical and mechanical parameters of the product and hidden defects

3. Depending on the type of complaint (quantitative, qualitative), complete the application in addition to:

• photos from a control thickness or dimension measurement - Check measurement should be carried out in accordance with the instructions (attachment 1)
• detailed photos of surface defects
• photos of the entire pallet (in the case of a quantitative complaint)
• samples of defective product (format at least A4) - to verify physical and mechanical parameters,
• photographic documentation should allow the seller to identify the entire advertised product in terms of the comments made.

4. After receiving the complete documentation, the complaint will be considered within 30 working days from the date of notification.

5. In the case of visible defects, the processed goods are not subject to complaint.

6. In the case of the necessity of sending the defective product to the Seller, the time for consideration of the complaint may be extended, for reasons beyond the Seller’s control.

7. Until the final resolution of the complaint, the BUYER shall: provide the SELLER the opportunity to inspect the goods; to save substandard goods in full safety. In particular, the goods cannot be processed, changed, sold. In the case of an unfounded complaint, all costs are borne by the BUYER.

8. The seller’s responsibility does not apply to defects in goods caused by the manufacturer’s independent reasons:
• mechanical damage (caused, for example, during transport or unloading)
• wrong mounting method
• wrong storage
• unintended use.
The complaint does not include products supplied to the Buyer, which were manufactured for technological tests in coordination with the Manufacturer

9. Initiating the complaint procedure does not release the buyer from the obligation to pay for the goods on time, and in the case of overdue payment, the seller will not accept or reject the complaint

10. The seller's liability ends with complaints concerning only the extent to which he offers his products


Based on PN-EN 324-1.

1. The principle of measurement

Thickness and dimensions are determined by a linear measurement.

2. Devices

A) GA thickness gauge or similar measuring device having flat round measuring surfaces with a diameter of (16 ± 1) mm and a clamping force of 4 N ± 1N. The required accuracy of measuring 0.1 mm.

B)Measuring tape with an accuracy of 1.0 mm

3. Measurement procedure

Performing the measurement:

A)Measure the thickness at a distance of about 50 mm from the edge, at points located at each corner and center of each side, that is, together at eight points (Drawing 1), with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

rysunek 1
                             Drawing No. 1: Plate thickness measurement points

Note: in case of complaints, it is also allowed to check the height of the pallet or measure at least 10 pieces of plates using a measuring tape (accuracy of measuring 1.0 mm).

B)Measure the length and width of the board along two lines parallel to the edge and at a distance of 100 mm from it. (Drawing. 2) with an accuracy of at least 1.0 mm.

rysunek 2

                             Drawing 2: length and width measurement lines.




4. Calculation and results:

For each board to be measured, calculate the arithmetic average of the measurements and indicate:
A) Thickness with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.
B) Size / format accurate to 1.0mm

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