Over the years

The company was founded in 1959 by the Order of the Minister of Forestry and Wood Industry. After five years of construction in 1964, we started the first two hardboards production lines.

In December 1970 we launched the production line of softboards, and as a last job started a branch of hard-coated lacquered boards, and it was in 1976. Over the past 50 years, the production lines have undergone extensive modernization. This resulted in increased overall production capacity as well as significant introduction of modern technical and technological solutions. We have also paid special attention to environmental protection. Over the years we have made a series of investment projects that make the production process in no way endangering nature.

On April 1, 1994, we transformed from a state-owned company we have been to a one-person state-owned company to date.

Our next step in the privatization of Zakłady was the transfer of the Company's shares to National Investment Funds on September 12, 1995. The role of the fund for ZPP S.A. The National Investment Fund "Fortuna" S.A.

On July 22, 2004, we changed the name that I am using until the date of disambiguation and it is Fibris Joint Stock Company.

In 2009, 3 hard disk drive lines were put into service, and our processing capacities were as high as never before.

At present, the production capacity of hardboard lines is 76 280 tons / year, porous plates 29 200 tons / year and the lacquered board 4 200 000 m2 / year.

Significant dates in the Company's history:


Appointment of Plate Plant in Przemysl by the Minister of Forestry and Wood Industry.


Launch of the first two hardboard production lines.


Launch of the porous fiberboard production line.


Putting into operation a branch of lacquered fiberboard.


Transformation of the company into a one-member state-owned company.


Beginning of the production of hardboard fiberboard finished with foil finish.


The Company obtained the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9002.


Acquisition by Zamojski Fabryka Mebli S.A. Zamość majority shareholding in the Company (61.09%).


Sale of majority shareholding by the main shareholder to a private individual,
The Company obtained the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001: 2000,
FSC COC-1369 Certificate Granted to the Plant.


Change of name to Fibris S.A.,
Certification of products according to CE standards,
Start of production of water-based varnished panels.


Comprehensive modernization of the boiler OR -32 nr3, adjusting it to requirements, technological and other. The project is partly financed from EU funds.


Launch of a system for the condensation of technological water (evaporators), resulting in the acquisition of Fibro Lep,
Launch of production on the next line of hardboards, press dimension 1610 x 4900 mm.


Equipment of the Finishing Department in machines and equipment for the production of new assortments, cutting boards and lines for semiautomatic packaging of products.


Major overhaul of a multi-shelf hydraulic press in the T-2 hardboards production line.


Launch of the line for the production of decorative wood chips.


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